South Wales Winter Hill Series

Join us for the 30th South Wales Winter Hill Series in memory of Hugh Aggleton. Hugh was Welsh champion in 2015 and an ever-present at the front of this series. Organised by Dominic Shields, @SW_WHS on Twitter.


S U23 V40 V50 V60 V70 V75



Sad, 7 Hyd 2023

Fan Fawr

AS 3.2cm/305m 2mi/1001tr
Sad, 4 Tach 2023

Winter Sugar Loaf/Mynydd Pen-y-fâl gaeaf

AS 8cm/444m 5mi/1457tr
Sad, 25 Tach 2023


AS 4cm/427m 2.5mi/1401tr
Sad, 16 Rhag 2023

Skirrid Xmas Hill Race

AS 5.2cm/315m 3.2mi/1033tr
Sad, 20 Ion 2024

Craig yr Allt

BS 6.3cm/300m 3.9mi/984tr
Sad, 27 Ion 2024

Cwm Nant-y-Groes

AS 9cm/550m 5.6mi/1804tr
Sad, 3 Chwef 2024

Hatterall Flow Test

AS 8.7cm/472m 5.4mi/1549tr
Sul, 18 Chwef 2024

Pen Tir Drop

BS 7cm/324m 4.3mi/1063tr

Age categories

The age categories are: u23, v40, v50, v60, v70, v75. Your age as of 1 January 2023 will be used to determine the applicable age category for the Series.


Scoring in each race is based on the percentage of the course you could have covered in the time it took the average person to finish. This is calculated as (A/R) * 100 where R is the runner’s time in seconds and A is the mean (average) time of all finishers

Your series score is the sum of your best 5 scores in the series.