AS 3 Mar 2024

Allt Wen Juniors

Sun, 3 Mar 2024
First race 11:45 am
Safety information
All ages u19s-u7s. u6 on the day must run with an adult.
North Wales Junior Series Race #1
Extra details
On the small but dramatic hills of Allt Wen and Penmaenbach, just to the west of Conwy Mountain. Reg & number collection open from 10:30. Parking: the landowner has kindly offered to reserve the 2 car parks either side of the road at the top of Sychnant for us (P1 on map): 1st come 1st served, please share lifts and park efficiently! See map for locations of alternative car parks.

Kit Requirements

u15/17/19: must bring and carry full kit to all races (waterproof top and trousers, hat/buff, gloves, whistle, compass, map[copies may be provided, bring a resealable clear sandwich bag to put them in])

u13s: should bring, and carry if conditions require, a light coat.

It is the responsibility of all runners/parents, regardless of age category, to ensure they are adequately dressed & equipped for the conditions.

Approx start times:
u11s: 11:45
u7s/u9s: 11:45 (directly after u11s)
u13s: 11:55
u15/17/19: 12:05

Route descriptions

u7s/9s/11s same as last year.

u13/15/17s/19s routes have changed a bit this year due to the site being an SSSI. Main changes:

I have removed the last small hill and off path gorsey descent section.

u13s no longer do the steep descent and re-ascent down towards the campsite. 

All u13s/15s/17s/19s now do the main Penmaenbach summit (but not the far summit).

u15s/17s/19s race together, u13s race separately, doing the same route minus the steep descent.

See maps for details. Note that checkpoints are mandatory: runners must visit all checkpoints on their route. Route markings are advisory - if you think you can spot a shortcut through the heather, that's fine! Routes are well marked for u11s and below. Routes are marked for u13s but more sparingly. u15s and above may have some unmarked sections. We encourage all ages to familiarise themselves with the general shape of the course (main summits, descents, junctions etc). CP Marshals are there primarily for safety and fair competition, not to show you the way!



Race HQ (and the start and finish of all races) is a 400m walk from the top of the Sychnant pass.