Race organisers

The WFRA aims to promote grass roots fell running by facilitating fair competition, good sportsmanship and challenging, risk-aware races. To achieve this, we believe that our safety rules should be sufficiently flexible to allow Race Organisers to make informed judgements. We believe that the optimal balance between enjoyment and safety is best achieved by fostering thoughtful mountaincraft amongst competitors. Race entrants, the WFRA and Race Organisers have important, complementary roles to play in supporting the achievement of this outcome. We do not want to put an unfair burden on Race Organisers, and nor do we want to 'dumb down' the life enhancing ability to test ourselves in the sport that we love.

  1. However, to maintain this stance, we need the cooperation of you, the Race Organiser. Although safety incidents are rare, the consequences are potentially serious. To ensure the continued good reputation of the sport, and also that you continue to enjoy the protection offered by the WFRA insurance policy, please:-
  2. Read the Race Organisers' Handbook, and its appendices setting out an illustrative Race Description/Assessment Matrix and Risk Assessment in pdf and excel forms.
  3. Plan and display the safety requirements of your race, in advance, and according to conditions on the day.
  4. If you think your race qualifies as ER (experience required) or NS (navigational skills required), make the extent and nature of these clear to potential entrants in advance. They can then make an informed decision about whether their abilities match the event.
  5. Be aware that, although it isn't possible to fully control what runners do, if you know of an infringement of safety rules and you do not attempt to address it, you risk losing the benefit of £10 million public liability insurance and becoming personally liable.

The last thing the WFRA wants is to deter potential or existing Race Organisers from holding an event. If you have any questions, or need help with race organisation, safety or insurance, please do not hesitate to contact the Safety Officer, or any member of the Committee. The WFRA Committee is here to serve you, and committed to protecting the continued spirit of fell running  in Wales.

Gaz Jaggard, WFRA Race Registration and Safety Officer

View and download the Incident Report Form here