20 Dec 2023

Environment Awards 2023: Winners

Congratulations to Paul Colley-Davies, Crispin Flower and Naomi Law - winners of the first ever Environment Awards for the Welsh Fell Runners Association (WFRA)!

Paul was nominated in the Individual category for cycling to every race in the South Wales Winter Hill Series last year, raising the question of active travel and race choices, and sharing his experiences. People said that his cycling was "quite an achievement", that he is "someone who walks the walk and talks the talk" and that his "effort deserves recognition". All the judges agreed that Paul was a worthy winner for both his individual actions and for bringing issues to the attention of others and encouraging further action.

Crispin and Naomi were jointly nominated for the Race Organiser category for waiving parking fees at the Brecon Fans races for those who have 3 or more runners in their car.

All the judges agreed that the staggered payment system they have for parking is a great initiative, given that travel has a big climate change impact. Their idea came from the Climate Change and Environment Guidance, which underlines the importance of making initiatives such as this more visible to encourage others to think about and implement changes.

crispin and naomi.jpeg

Thanks to those who sent in nominations. The winners receive free WFRA membership for the next year and money towards further improving or encouraging their climate and sustainability actions.