115 Secretary

Andrew Blackmore

Mynyddwyr de Cymru

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I found fellrunning by accident after stumbling on an advert for a race up and around the Sugarloaf outside Abergavenny. Despite being completely out of my depth ( I recall a blustery wind and snow) and coming in right at the back of the field, I was hooked.  It was a number of years before I realised that there was something called the Welsh Fell Runners Association who did... well I wasn’t sure what they did.

Like many of the current committee members we are simply well meaning individuals who volunteer their time to help organise a calendar of events for the benefit of all fellrunners. Given my current level of fitness I am most likely to be found stood on a hill marshalling as opposed to racing.

My role as Secretary is akin to herding cats as I am responsible for organising committee meetings, ensuring that we comply with legislative and regulatory requirements and draft policies, and indeed anything else which comes to mind – I know this is rather dull but needs doing!  What I most enjoy is helping people organise enjoyable (and safe races).